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USAA Fraud allows site visitors to create accounts and post their insurance stories to the site. Information posted by users is their own information, and is not owned by USAA Fraud, nor does it necessarily reflect the opinions and beliefs of USAA Fraud or the site managers.

Terms of Use

Site visitors are expected to abide by these terms when using this site to post information about their insurance claims, or wen posting complaints about insurance companies.

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Whenever possible, users are encouraged to include any available evidence, such as a letter of denial. Links to state or federal laws which you believe have been violated are also helpful.

Please be as specific as possible regarding your grievance when posting. Vague generalizations are not helpful, but specific cases and supporting facts and laws are always helpful.

Remember, we want to keep this information as accurate and factual as possible. Providing support for any comment ads credibility to the site and to your claim.