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Insurance Complaint Resources

The first thing you need to do when you believe an insurance company is dealing with you unfairly, or is operating illegally, or is mishandling your claim, is to try to work through it with the insurance company.

Once you feel you have exhausted all avenues with the insurance company, ad you have given them fair time to address your issues and grievances, you need to report them to the authorities. In some states, this is your insurance auditor, in others, there is an insurance commissioner, and still others you want to report to the state auditor. You may also want to report this insurance company to the state attorney general.

Remember, just because the insurance company isn't paying you doesn't mean they have done anything wrong. Laws differ from state to state, so you should look into your state's laws regarding insurance companies and how they need to operate.

As a client of the insurance company, the insurance company has to pay you within the terms of your policy, they can subtract deductibles from payments, and don't have to cover costs not covered by the policy (unless your state's laws require some services be covered).

As a third party claimant, the insurance company usually only has to pay you after an investigation of the facts demonstrates that their client is at fault for your loss or damages. After that, there may be additional limitations on the amount the insurance company has to pay you. Again, check your state laws governing insurance companies to understand how they need to perate.

Posting your grievance on-line in an appropriate discussion forum or on an apprpriate consumer complaints site can also be helpful bu allowing other people to know that they are not alone when dealing with a bad company. Even if the power of the masses cannot assist you with your current problem, it can help others in the future.

Of course, the most important of these is making sure the authorities in your atate are notified of the issue so they can keep record, and take appropriate action against the insurance company when they have sufficient evidence. Failing to report your grievance to your insurance commissioner or state auditor no only reduces your chances of getting your claim settled, it encourages the insurance companies to continue abusing clients and calimants.