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We value your privacy. We take reasonable measures with our site to insure that your information is kept private when visiting this site or interacting in our comments area.

Personal Information

To post comments or your cases on this site, you must log in and provide some personal information so we can confirm your account. Some of this information will be displayed to site visitors, and some information you can choose to have displayed or not. Information you choose to display will be seen by all site visitors, other information is for internal use only.

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Logging and Tracking

This site uses log files to track page loads so we can see which pages are being used by visitors and where the site may need improvement or alteration. This information is aggregate in nature and does not contain personally identifiable information.


This site uses cookies, small text files stored on your computer, to track logged-in users, and cookies may be used by third-party advertisers to track the effectiveness of their advertising. The cookies do not contain personally identifiable information.

You may choose to deny cookies from our site or from our advertisers sites, but if you deny cookies from this site, some commenting functions may not work, or you may need to log in repeatedly.

External Links

This site contain links to other sites. These external links connect to sites which are out of our control. We encourage you to review the privacy policies on those sites before using those sites.


This site is not intended for children. Though we request our users to keep their language clean and civil, some comments may contain what could be considered inappropriate language for minors.

In general, the information here should be usable by children, but adult supervision and guidance is recommended. We request that children under the age of 16 not create accounts or post information on this site.

Sharing Your Information

We do not share information with third party organizations, except in the form of aggregate information about traffic volumes to our potential advertisors.

Some advertising systems, as noted above, may use cookies to track additional aggregate information related to ad impressions.

We will, after consulting with our legal counsel, release information to law enforcement or courts when proper procedure is followed and proper documentation is presented.

Updates to This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time. The current version of this policy will be posted here. We recommend you review this policy periodically.

We do not intend to make material changes to this policy with regard to maintaining the security of your personal information. Should this policy change in a way that you feel is non-satisfactory, you may delete your account by editing your profile. This action will delete any posts you have made on this site.

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