USAA Fraud

About Us

This site was started with three purposes in mind. The first is to voice my grievances against USAA for their fraudulent insurance practices, even though my two cases against them are insufficient to justify a "standard of business practice and process" in the State of Montana. The second is to provide a forum for other insurance abuse and insurance fraud victims to voice their grievances to the public to help demonstrate that there is a "standard of business practice and process" so that state insurance commissioners and state auditors can take legal action against these organizations. The third is to help educate insurance victims about the process they should go through when they have been abused by an insurance company.

Claims Against USAA

Extensive information about my two (so far) claims with USAA are available elsewhere on this site. Full documentation on these claims and the level of service you can expect from USAA will be posted as I have time.

Provide a Public Forum

A public forum where site visitors can post their experiences with USAA or other insurance carriers will help all users and all insured. Exercising your First Amendment right to free speech will put public pressure on insurance companies across the board to be fair and just to their clients ad claimants alike.

Voicing grievances in a public forum like this can hopefully also influence lawmakers to improve regulation of insurance companies so they will be less able to abuse clients and claimants in the future.

Provide Information and Resources

There are a number of things you can do when you become the victim of an insurance company. This usually starts with reporting the company and the abuse they committed to your state insurance commissioner or insurance auditor. Sometimes you also need to report it to your state Attorney General. It is also highly advisable to at least consult with an attorney, if not hire one to represent you against the insurance company in question.

We Are Not Attorneys

USAA Fraud is not a law firm. We are not lawyers, barristers, or attorneys. We do not represent any law firms or insurance companies. We are not providing legal counsel or legal advice. This site provides a forum for discussion of your grievances with insurers and links to resources which may be helpful in your endeavors to receive a fair and just settlement from the insurance company that is giving you troubles.