USAA Fraud



This is an internet web site created to help insurance clients and claimants get justice when dealing with unethical and unresponsive insurance companies.

We are not lawyers and are not providing legal advice. We are US Citizens exercising our First Amendment rights to free speech and right to peaceably assemble.

Remember, if you are a USAA client and you have the misfortune to have to file a claim with USAA, you will probably want a lawyer. If you are a third party claimant - that is, someone not insured by USAA - and you have the misfortune to have a claim against USAA, get a lawyer, get a lawyer, get a lawyer.

If you have a claim against USAA, and are being treated unfairly by USAA, it is very important, not only for your own claim, but for every other possibly USAA claimant out there, that you file a complaint with your state's Insurance Auditor or Insurance Commissioner, as appropriate. A list of contacts is available so you can find the right contact for your state.